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We can work within your budget to identify viable ways of raising wellbeing, capabilities and strategic skills. 

  • Beginning with a strategic consultation - eg, a high level meeting and written summary:
    • Identifying priority issues; 
    • Identifying strategic needs;
    • Outlining a viable direction of travel, and what you can expect from us;
    • Clarifying a viable sequence for addressing priorities, step by step;
    • Guidance and support for the process of implementation; 

For more information, book a free 15-minute consultation

Whatever the issues, eg:

  • Staff Wellbeing, Mental Health - Team/Individual pathways;
  • Teachers - Reducing work overload; 
  • Supporting you in developing SEN&D provision - greater rewards for effort and resources;
  • Foundations for improving behaviour and reducing conflict;
  • Staff CPD foundations for enhancing wellbeing, capabilities and strategic skills;
  • Tell us...

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