Our WORK WONDERS! service offers a range of specialist responses to the needs of individuals and organisations facing complex challenges in the workplace and in education. These are most relevant in situations where other approaches have not been able to make a significant difference in addressing core concerns.

We engage with the challenges arising to effective work and study, whether they arise from

  • Burnout, or other work-related challenges;
  • A disability including mobility issues, mental and physical health, learning differences (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD), vision/hearing loss
  • Or from any number of unusual or even unique circumstances affecting daily functioning and responsibilities.

Our work facilitates strategic clarity and nuanced solution-finding, raising awareness and wellbeing beyond compulsive uncertainty, confusion, overwork, and undue strain. We approach this in well-focussed, practical ways, cultivating the foundations for enhancing wellbeing and capabilities in ways that feed in quite naturally into raising performance and creativity.

In laying the groundwork for creative change in the workplace and/or study, changes often ensue in everyday life too. Markers of change arise tangible ways, some very quickly and some steadily over time. Those who work with us often experience reductions in the frequency and intensity of issues, find themselves handling new and interesting challenges. Sometimes, it can be something like the first time that they were able to take their child to the park on a weekend during a major project!

The main services that we offer include:

  1. Strategic Consultation with Managers and HR, considering the presenting concerns, identifying priorities, and formulating an approach with next steps.
  2. Individual assessment of needs, identifying issues and new ways of working with them, reducing stress points, enhancing capabilities, developing new strategic skills towards dissipating obstacles easing the way to effective work, including
    • Use of hardware/equipment. e.g., ergonomic seating, accessories - e.g., specialised keyboards,
    • Use of Assistive technologies, e.g., software programs design to assist various job-related tasks, reading, writing, organisational tools, memory aids etc;
    • Specialist 1:1 AT Training/Strategic Skills/Mentoring, as relevant;
    • Reasonable adjustments – identifying ‘reasonable’ adjustments is a complex field that opens to exploring viable working relationships for individuals, teams, managers and other stakeholders;
  3. Specialist Human Support services:
    • Specialist 1:1 Assistive Technology Tutorials to develop real skills and accompanying confidence in the use of tools and resources;
    • Specialist 1:1 Strategic Workplace or Study Skills/Mentoring to facilitate your skills development in effective work;
    • Mentoring/Coaching for line managers in handling complex matters;
  4. Stewardship – clarifying and supporting the process of putting relevant support into practice;
  5. Awareness raising for Teams – Q&A based workshops on priority themes: e.g., mental health awareness, learning differences e.g., dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Conditions, ADHD, Mobility Issues and Ergonomics; Vision/Sight loss;