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Enhancing Wellbeing and Capabilities in the Workplace & Education

For your best now in work and study!

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Access 1st is a specialist education & training consultancy transforming people's experience of complex issues in the WORKPLACE and in EDUCATION.

For a people-friendly workplace, reaching for the best in wellbeing, capabilities and skills!

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Raising wellbeing, laying foundations for expanding capabilities and building skills in work and study. 

With nuanced strategic guidance, use of assistive technologies, relevant training and upskilling, challenges become an opportunity for discovery and transformation.

Are you an employer, an HR professional, an employee or self-employed?

Do you have responsibility for wellbeing in your organisation?

Do you have responsibility for SEN&D provision in a school or Local Authority? See our EDUCATION page.

Are you managing situations where improvements are a priority?

  • Reducing burnout;
  • Easing workplace stress/team tension;
  • Reducing staff turnover/sickness absence/difficulties recruiting;
  • Reducing the impact of disabilities and learning differences on the ability to work/study;
    • eg, mental health; mobility/dexterity; medical conditions; dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism); vision/hearing loss;
  • Narrowing gaps in Strategic Skills or Soft Skills. 
  • Easing obstacles to people's ability to work/study;

Whatever your role and whatever the issues, where there's a need, there's a way. If you are new to our service and want to know more about how we can help, Book a free 15-minute Consultation with one of our assessors. 

We engage with the detail of issues affecting work/study, easing strain, uncertainty and overwork; allowing creative potential to take shape. 

Our approach is strategically-focused, practical and accessible. In laying foundations for raising wellbeing, capabilities and relevant skills, performance and quality of life can quite naturally move in a better direction. 

Markers of change take tangible forms; some quickly, others over time. Client feedback indicates reductions in frequency and intensity of issues, working with greater ease and effectiveness, improved working relationships, learning from challenges rather than worrying about them, lower exam stress, better grades, and even taking their children to the park for the first time while completing a major project! 

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