Students expecting to attend university in September 2021 can apply now, if they have not already done so when completing their UCAS application. Students wishing to obtain instructions for applying on line via gov.uk/disabled-students-allowance-dsa/how-to-claim.

This form is for full-time undergraduate students who have already applied for other student finance and are unable to apply online.

2021/22 academic year

Download a DSA Slim form (PDF - 109KB)

2020/21 academic year

Download a DSA Slim form (PDF - 93KB)

DSA1 FULL form (DSA1)

Students should complete this form if they’re a full-time student applying for DSAs only.
This form is longer as these students must provide additional information.

2021/2022 academic year

Download a DSA1 Full form (PDF - 700KB)
Download DSA1 Full notes (PDF - 473KB)

2020/21 academic year

Download a 2020/21 DSA1 form (PDF - 464KB)
Download DSA1 Full notes (PDF - 94KB)

Supporting forms and guidance

DSAs guidance document

Information about the DSAs policy.
Download Guidance document (PDF - 1.09MB)

Claim form

Students looking to claim costs relating to their General Allowance or Travel Allowance should complete this form and return it with their receipts.
Download Claim for Reimbursement form for 2021/22 academic year (PDF - 53KB)