The wellbeing of our students and staff is our priority.

  • We are observing UK Government guidelines (Public Health England) and the NHS in response to COVID-19, and reviewing the situation and adapting as necessary.
  • Our study needs assessors are working from home and study needs assessment meetings are being held online or by telephone.
  • Our working hours and service remain unchanged.
  • Our Admin Team is here to assist you with any questions relating to accessing to DSA funded support.

We are recommending active self-care for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing at this unusual time.

  • Our Preparation for Study page has some user-friendly resources for assisting study, work and everyday life.
    • A daily meditative practice of 15-20 minutes per day, defocussing from language-based thinking makes a significant difference to quality of life and wellbeing.
  • News and Social media: We are recommending remaining informed enough to be able to make the best decisions for you, your loved ones and those you work with only.
  • Look for the pony…
    • Many years ago, someone me told me a story. A young child was shown a stall with a pony, and the child looked worried. They were asked, ‘Why so glum; don’t you like the pony?’ The child said, ‘But there is dung everywhere.’ Another child was shown the stall without the pony, and the child was glowing with delight. ‘What is making you so happy?’ they were asked. The child said, ‘With all this dung, there must be a pony!’
  • This work and life itself teach us that each problem comes with many potential solutions. To access solutions, we just have to be open to the possibilities.


With best wishes to you and your loved ones.

Access 1st Team